Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Allude: the amazing cashmere coat (photo: S. Fujii)
YDE: youthful, daring and elegant?
Danish designer YDE and German brand Allude ended Paris Fashion Week in fine style on March 11, with a collection of sophisticated garments for the woman “who knows herself”.

YDE had the final show of 90 official runway events, and featured materials such as cashmere, satin, silk and furs, all in designs with that intrinsic feminine cut for which Ole Yde has become known.

Each piece in his Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2015 collection combined wearability and extreme elegance and would not have looked out of place in a haute-couture show. Short black evening dresses gave way to graphic prints and fur-bedecked coats, most worn with flat heels.

The pairing of the designs with shoes by Christian Louboutin added to the panache of the overall look, giving the whole collection a modern yet classic feel. And live piano music at the venue - the imposing town hall of Paris’ 4th  district or arrondissement - enhanced the sense of sophistication, even as a street market took place on the sidewalk outside.

The market, with fish, fruit and vegetable stalls, seemed an essential part of the set, as "the woman who knows herself" also knows what she needs to buy for dinner. Indeed, the filet of hake was fantastic, just like the fashion show.


Earlier in the day, German designer Andrea Karg, founder of the Allude brand, also set a tone of ultra-elegance with her outstanding collection of winter wear, shown in a hotel particulier (mansion house) in the 16th arrondissement.

The “Queen of Cashmere” told Tasshon that for this season she wanted to “play with shapes”, so she experimented to see all the different ways this could be done with her preferred material.

She incorporated other fabrics as well into her cashmere designs, changing silhouettes and giving the garments a flow that somehow matched the wearer’s movement.

“I put my favourite material cashmere into a dialogue with other materials such as leather and I developed this to emphasize the intensity of each aspect,” she said backstage.

Combining unexpected hues with classic winter colours, Karg managed to highlight the versatility of cashmere, showing that it can be used for gowns, ensembles and hip yet stylish coats. And yes, sweaters too. - Tasshon

Allude (photo: S. Fujii)