Friday, September 26, 2014


A Ground Zero design at Paris Fashion Week 
An outlandish kind of joie de vivre has been the order of the day since Paris Fashion Week began Sept. 23, with designers seeming ready to spring a new race of playful superheroines on the world.

Ground Zero's 'comic' creativity

From the very first day of the Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 collections,  the London and Hong Kong-based label Ground Zero set the tone, with designs that could have been inspired by a childhood spent reading Marvel Comics.

The label's Eri and Phillip Chu, brothers, delivered a show that an onlooker described as “X-Men (or women) leisure style” for a day out in the sunshine.

Later in the week, one of our favourite designers, Manish Arora, also went in for that otherworldly heroine look, with characters in gladiator cyber sandals waiting beside their spaceships to welcome you into a pastel universe.

Arora can always be relied on for creating a buzz during Fashion Week, and with this exuberant collection, he didn't disappoint - as long as you were ready and willing to enter his "kaleidoscopic lunar world". 

Manish Arora: peace, love and pastels despite the gladiator look.
(Photo by Y. Vlamos)