Thursday, October 3, 2013


Closing out Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday, Korean designer Lie Sang Bong –we have to say it – played not one note wrong.

Lie Sang Bong: black & white
Consistently among the few stylists who truly understand the concept of “ready-to-wear”, Lie presented designs that anyone would be happy to step into at a moment’s notice. Playfulness, elegance, simplicity and colour were the hallmarks of his 2014 spring/summer collection, and those lucky enough to see it gave him a rousing ovation.

By the time his show took place at the imposing Palais des Beaux Arts by the River Seine, the carnival-like atmosphere of Paris Fashion Week had dissipated, and what was left was a real appreciation for artistry. So Lie probably knew he couldn’t disappoint his loyal following.

His show began with strikingly simple black and white outfits, including for instance a white vest over a lace-detailed black dress, paired with black high heels. He presented different compositions with the same colours, all evoking a kind of carefree, careless classiness.

Another black dress, cinched at the waist, flowed outwards, with a pink floral hem, while a white blouse bore a red rose and black circles for vivid contrast with slim-fit dark trousers.

As the show progressed, the white and black garments gradually incorporated blues, reds and greens, mostly in floral designs. Then came vibrant colours, with Lie inviting viewers to imagine “petals swirling in the wind … petals exploding like fireworks”, as the ultra-feminine dresses moved to bright pink and florals.

After this burst of vibrancy, the outfits went back to black, though keeping with the theme of flowers. Lie finished with a “rose to burst like a storm”, presenting a billowing white maxi dress imprinted with huge black flowers.

It was a fitting end to the nine frenetic days of Paris Fashion Week. - J.M. De Clercq & L. McKenzie
(Photos: J.M. De Clercq)

Lie Sang Bong's closing statement. (Photo: De Clercq)