Saturday, March 9, 2013


Ending Paris Fashion week on a youthful, trendy note, Lie Sang Bong showcased geometric designs, gleaming leather, and ultra-modern platform shoes for a memorable show that contrasted with those of his peers.

The Korean designer, who is gaining a following among young fashionistas, stood out from many other designers in that his ready-to-wear collection actually seemed ready to wear. You could go into a store, buy it off the rack, and step out looking casually original.
Lie’s Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection also had a slightly retro aspect as some of the cuts seemed to recall the Sixties.

The pants were straight-legged and ankle-baring, and the platforms looked like they had come off the dance floor from back in the day.

On most of his models, Lie mixed a single, cheeky colour with black or white, all merged into a minimalistic pattern. He finished the look off with some refined Asian touches, and traces of pelt.

Each model wore similar sneaker-platforms, white or black, but with streaks of painted-on colour to match the main piece or to bring it all together. 

The lack of high heels made the models seem confident and comfortable in the outfits, appealing to those who want to look fashionable yet feel relaxed.

The models’ faces had single silver stripes alongside the eyes, corresponding to the hair, shoes and outfit, for an overall unconventional feel.  - J.M. DE CLERCQ and L. MCKENZIE